Discreet and elegant colours in our most functional bottle.

The Urban bottles are perfect for hydration in the office, on the road or even in your everyday life. They are designed with ultra-lightweight and 100% recyclable aluminium.

Black 60
Black 7460
Junior White
White 7460
White 60
Junior Red
Junior aluminium
Aluminium 7460
Aluminium 60
Outdoor White 60
Outdoor aluminium 60
Outdoor aluminium 75

For the cosmopolitans

Característiques tècniques:


Metal bottle made of BPA-NI.

External thread makes it easy to wash and offers better hygiene.

Large opening for easy filling with the non-carbonated beverage of your choice.

non-carbonated beverage of your choice.

Elastic inner varnish to preserve the authentic flavour,
so it always tastes as good as you expect (with Food Certificate).

Easy to clean so it’s always ready to go.


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